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Game designer with a history of project management and team leadership. A fast learner with an openness to develop skills with unfamiliar programs and always aims to meet deadlines.

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24 year-old game designer with a strong interest in all aspects pertaining to it. A life long experience playing games, 6+ years of pixel art and 4+ years of level design. Attending Sheridan College in Oakville, Ontario for the Honours Bachelor of Game Design program.


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BronyCon 2019 Charity Auction


-Lead Artist-

Selected for shortlisting in the top twelve of over forty groups at Sheridan Design Week.

-Project Manager-

One year of design and iteration building, having successfully raised one-thousand USD for CureSearch, a child’s cancer research organization.

-Game Designer-

Assisted with documentation and level design.

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Oakville, Ontario


Tel: (1)-709-986-5307

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